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Changes for version 1.21

  • Sun Sep 24 2012
  • Added color debugging code in eg/svg.pl (it lists the color settings in XML comments).
  • Updated eg/text.pl to take command line options.
  • Moved graph and text option handling to their own functions, graph_segment() and text_segment(), for future non-messy coding. Fri Sep 22 2012
  • Removed prototypes.
  • Found and removed some left-over marker code in the SVG output.
  • Moved SVG graph color code to its own function, svg_color(). Mon Sep 10 2012
  • Modernized parts of the code -- $VERSION is now an 'our' variable instead of a 'use VARS' variable, for example.
  • Added 'create_license => 1' to the Build.PL list of attributes.
  • Added 'dynamic_config => 0' to the Build.PL list of attributes.
  • Added LICENSE to the MANIFEST file.
  • Yanked an "$flag_internal" variable (and its debugging code) in favor of Smart::Comments.
  • Bumped the $VERSION value up a point.
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