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Changes for version 1.30

  • Tue Nov 20 2012
  • Updated the references in the POD documentation.
  • Time to upload to CPAN. Mon Nov 19 2012
  • Update the version number everywhere.
  • Update documentation to make sure 'bitonic' is mentioned.
  • Got svg.t to work correctly in systems that don't have Test::XML::Easy installed.
  • Heavily update README to cover testing, and Doug Hoyte's contributions. Sun Nov 18 2012
  • Consolidated the "algorithm" test files into one file, abecedarian.t. Now that we're using $ENV{AUTHOR_TESTING}, we can consolidate test files without worrying about tests timing out on CPAN testers' machines.
  • Simplified code in the "best" test files. Sat Nov 17 2012
  • Upgrage tests to use the is() function from Test::More. Fri Nov 16 2012
  • Fixed the code in Build.PL that would set $ENV{AUTHOR_TESTING}. All tests, even the lengthy ones, are now run when using "Build test --Testlong". Tue Nov 13 2012
  • Long-running tests now check for $ENV{AUTHOR_TESTING} = 1, and skip if it doesn't. Tue Nov 6 2012
  • Worked on bitonic() code. Use existing pack/unpack code to determine power-of-two value, this replaces the greater_power_of_2_less_than() function.
  • Made loop a little more perlish by using the '..' operator.
  • Added 'bitonic' to the keyword list.
  • Added a get_options parameter in Build.PL. Looking towards an option to automatically skip long-running tests in non-development situations. Tue Oct 30 2012
  • Fall-back algorithm for 'best' option is not Batcher's Merge Exchange algorithm instead of Bose-Nelson.
  • Checks for $inputs < 2 in the algorithm functions are pointless since the calling, exported function already checks for it.
  • "use integer" means that int($n/2) may be written more simply as $n/2. Sat Oct 27 2012
  • Added two new 'best' networks for input sizes 18 and 22, discovered by Sherenaz Waleed Al-Haj Baddar and submited by Doug Hoyte.
  • Added the bitonic() code and test file as provided by Doug Hoyte. Thu Oct 25 2012
  • New function nw_sort_stats() to return information about sorting network exchange counts (based on Doug Hoyte's idea) and other future ideas.
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