Revision history for Boolean-TruthTable

     2019 February 26
	- A hash-dereference syntax I used in fncolumn() was apparently
	  introduced at around version 5.20ish of perl. Since I have
	  the minimum perl limit set to 5.16, I'm hearing about it from
	  CPAN testers. Mohammad S Anwar (MANWAR) submitted a one-line
	  patch that should fix this; lets see.
     2019 February 18
	- So many typos.
	- For example, a space crept into the brace/bracket pair that
	  creates the markdown link, or would have created it if it
	  weren't for the space. This was in the file.
	  Logic Friday and its site vanished from the web sometime in
	  February 2018 (fortunately the Wayback Machine preserved it,
	  so I can keep linking to it and referring to it).
	  still had the Base81 name internally, and was still
	  linking to it under that name. And the copyright date was
	  at 2017 instead of 2019.
	- Complaints from CPAN testers that don't have
	  Algorithm::QuineMcCluskey installed. Technically it's not
	  required, but the tests won't run unless some sort of
	  minimizer is installed, so we may as well add it to the
	  requirements list.
     2019 February 11
	- First version, released on an unsuspecting world.