-*- Outline -*- $Format: "* Version $modsRelease$"$
* Version 0.004

mods				One-stop imports, exports, decls, &c.		adpO

* Description
Pragma to support a compact, highly readable replacement for twenty-odd `use'
statements per module.

* Synopsis

** Basic

use mods;   # Various defaults.

use mods qw(SomePkg Other::Pkg(somefunc, $somevar));

use mods qw(foo bar());    # No imports from bar.pm; default from foo.pm.

** Advanced

use mods q{
  diagnostics,     # Integral comments! Commas optional.
  Foo (bar, baz)   # Whitespace ignored.
  Quux   Jolt();   # As you think.
  vars (	    # Multilines fine.
	 $foo, $bar, $baz
  !strict(refs)    # Unimport.
  $foo, $bar;      # Alternate declaration of vars.
  {$bar=7}	    # Compile-time code.
  <this, $that, @theother!> # Export; &this and $that optional.
  [Foo, Bar::Baz]  # Inherit from these.

** Author
Jesse Glick, <jglick@sig.bsh.com>.