Changes for version 1.04 - 2019-06-08

  • bugfix: correct height/width methods for recording()/loadsvg() bugfix: use correct color mapping in print()/_api2_print() bugfix: fall back to generic FreeType font if file not found bugfix: fix print() shift option document requirement for libcairo 1.10.0 or newer add detailed box tests add detailed drawing tests (requires poppler to render and compare) add all activated Mac fonts to Fontconfig config add library versions to basic tests for debugging CPAN test failures add git repo link for CPAN silence false positives in CPANTS


simple API for creating PDF files using the Cairo library
rectangle-manipulation library
a list of valid color names extracted from X11's rgb.txt file. This guarantees that they'll match color names used in Pango::Layout markups.
wrapper that adds some useful methods to Cairo fonts
wrapper for Pango layouts
a list of valid paper sizes to use in new() newpage(), and paper_size(), and their dimensions in points, extracted from papers.txt. Size names are converted to lower-case characters before lookup.
utility functions