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Revision history for Text-FixedWidth

0.13    2013-07-25 jhannah
        - Whoops! use %07.0f not %07d or you may suffer off-by-a-penny rounding errors. 
          Thanks mauke in #perl-help

0.12    2013-07-25 jhannah
        - Added optional 'writer' subs to set_attribute for when you need to do
          magic when setting attributes. 

0.11    2013-06-09 jhannah
        - Added set_attribute(), which allows anonymous subs to be set into 'reader'
          for when simple sprintf 'format' attributes prove insufficiently flexible.

0.10    2013-05-26 jhannah
        - Added getf_*

0.09    2013-05-21 jhannah
        - Added link to github repo. 

0.08_01 2010-10-19 jhannah
        - Stopped using new_ok(), which wasn't added to Test::More until 
          0.81_01  Sat Sep  6 15:13:50 PDT 2008

0.08    2010-09-29 jhannah
        CPAN Testers are happy. Bumping version, pushing.

0.07_01 2010-09-28
        - Testing additional warnings.  (jhannah)
        - Use Storable::dclone() instead. (jmmills)

0.07    2009-06-16 jhannah
        - Found another instance of the warning below. Now tests for "" and undef.
        - Added more helpful warning instead of this Perl warning:
          Argument "" isn't numeric in sprintf at Text/ line 162.

0.05    2009-04-29 jhannah
        - Suppress spurious warnings when at attribute is explicitly set to undef.
        - Carp out a warning if the user tries to set auto_truncate() on an 
          attribute that doesn't exit.

0.04    2008-09-03 jhannah
        Added SVN tags so I don't forget where this lives.  :)
        t/boilerplate.t tasks are done, so removed TODO-ishness

0.03    2008-09-03 jhannah
        Fixing POD, general cleanup

0.02    2008-09-02 jhannah
        Fixing META.yml

0.01    2008-09-02 jhannah
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.