Changes for version 1.99_05

  • support for DATE types
  • methods for manipulating DATE values in Perl
  • existing libperlxsi is no longer overwritten during installation
  • set NULL indicators for IN OUT & OUT types
  • fix inc_path_to_mflag crash on solaris

Changes for version 1.99_04

  • implement NULL, LENGTH, and MAXLEN indicators for variable length data types like VARCHAR2
  • allow user-defined attributes in dbi_connect
  • move put_line into ExtProc and remove from ExtProc::Util
  • implement filehandle interface to put_line
  • make ExtProc object-oriented (needed for put_line filehandles)
  • correctly pass NULL parameters as undefined scalars for directly executed subroutines
  • autogenerate external procedure DDL in Perl.create_wrapper
  • wrote the user's guide (currently only available online)

Changes for version 1.99_03

  • disallow eval in taint mode
  • register .fini function (ELF) to call pl_shutdown at library unload VERY EXPERIMENTAL, but it seems to work well on both linux & solaris
  • can register user-defined destructors using register_destructor
  • implement IN OUT and OUT parameters
  • changed Perl.create_wrapper syntax to better reflect Oracle's syntax
  • prefix C wrapper function names with EP_ to prevent name clashes
  • full documentation is now available from the user's guide

Changes for version 1.99_02

  • can directly call Perl subroutines, bypassing the generic func & proc wrappers
  • Perl.create_wrapper creates C wrappers for directly calling subs
  • beginnings of support for non-VARCHAR2 IN & RETURN values (just integers for now)
  • and other relinking files are now installed in the trusted code directory

Changes for version 1.99_01

  • initial alpha release (pre-2.0) CHANGES BELOW ARE RELATIVE TO the 1.03 codebase:
  • globals incorporated into single global EP_CONTEXT struct to minimize use of globals and lay the groundwork for future threading support
  • gen_module_libs rewritten in perl for portability & accuracy
  • all oracle functions/procedures now in "Perl" PL/SQL package
  • perl function is now Perl.func
  • perl_p procedure is now Perl.proc
  • former "special subroutines" are their own PL/SQL procedures in the Perl package
  • func & proc now take up to 8 arguments by default
  • debugging and tainting support are always built in
  • new configuration file with various runtime options
  • tainting is now a runtime setting
  • bootstrap file path is a runtime setting
  • can specify additions to @INC as a runtime setting
  • can specify debug directory as a runtime setting
  • simple_query.c and simple_query functions decommissioned
  • oci.c now contains all significant OCI routines
  • ExtProc "convenience" routines removed
  • new fetch_code routine dedicated to fetching code from database
  • code in database now stored as VARCHAR2 instead of CLOB
  • support for per-session namespaces (packages)
  • renamed ExtProc::exception to ExtProc::ora_exception
  • ExtProc::is_function & ExtProc::is_procedure will tell you the context of the current call
  • split module shared objects into their own library, libperlxsi, so they can be maintained separately from
  • Makefile is installed to facilitate linking new modules
  • perl_config view contains configuration settings


Perl interface to the Oracle Perl External Procedure Library


in ExtProc/lib/ExtProc/
in ExtProc/lib/ExtProc/