release 0.2
- ported to AIX 3.2.5, AIX 4.2, HPUX 10.10

- Wcl-2.7.2 is a separate tar file, no more Wcl patches included in
  this package

- added support for Xt*Proc() functions; examples for XtAppAddInput
  and XtAppAddTimeout included

- added standard mainloop routine, configured via passed-in named

- toplevel resources now processed via #if/#else/#endif preprocessing,
  similar to cpp

- callback function signature changes/improvements

- xscm examples merged into a single "xscm", using preprocessing to
  detect presence of Motif 2.0; added scm support script for use with

- added support for Wcl 2.7.2 libMisc (contains hierarchical tree
  widget used by xscm on Motif 1.x systems)

- added support for editres

- header file list all in one place, in Wcl-i, to make it easier to
  port to other Xt toolkits

release 0.1
This is the initial release.