This is a PERL module that interfaces PERL to the Widget Creation
Library and Motif.

You must have the following installed before you start:

- Wcl 2.7.2
- Motif (whichever version you want to use with Wcl)
- SWIG 1.1 (I am using 1.1-3)

I have placed a copy of Wcl 2.7.2 in CPAN with this module.

To install:

    perl Makefile.PL
    make install

This has been tested under RedHat Linux 4.2 using RedHat Motif 2.0,
and under AIX 3.2.5, AIX 4.2 and HPUX 10.10, using Motif 1.x.  Porting
to other platforms should be easy.  Setting up for the Athena widgets
should also be easy.

There is very little custom code in this module, it is mostly
generated from X11 and Motif header files by SWIG.

The Wcl-gen perl script runs the C preprocessor on a selected set of
header files, then edits the output a bit to make it more palatable to
SWIG.  To port to a new platform, you should only need to make
modifications to Wcl-gen, and perhaps the header file list in Wcl-i,
and obviously Makefile.PL.

The Makefile is set up to have SWIG generate HTML documentation on the
constants and classes that it generates.  There is also some pod
documentation on the functionality provided by the package in the
Wcl-pm file, and in the examples in the examples/ directory.

The Makefile setup is a bit odd, if you know all about MakeMaker, let
me know how to fix it up.

Joe Buehler
August 31, 1997