Changes for version 4.06 - 2020-10-10

  • Fix caching of schemas across objects #204 #212 Contributor: Karen Etheridge
  • Fix "contains" can also be boolean "false"
  • Fix "dependencies" can have boolean subschemas
  • Fix "if" can be false
  • Fix "null" is valid if "pattern" is defined, but no "type"
  • Fix "propertyNames" can be false
  • Fix JSON::Validator::Ref can hold a boolean schema
  • Fix not adding "properties" to the input schema
  • Fix resolving "$ref":"#id"
  • Fix validating data when "additionalItems" is false, but there are enough rules
  • Changed internals of JSON::Validator::Ref


Validate data against a JSON schema
JSON::Validator error object
Functions for validating JSON schema formats
Joi validation sugar for JSON::Validator
JSON::Validator $ref representation
Base class for JSON::Validator schemas
JSON-Schema Draft 4
JSON-Schema Draft 6
JSON-Schema Draft 7
Utility functions for JSON::Validator