Changes for version 4.20 - 2021-06-18

  • Fix compiling array items #249
  • Fix coerce() will be passed on to schema() objects
  • Add is_invalid() to JSON::Validator::Schema
  • Improved documentation for JSON::Validator and JSON::Validator::Schema
  • Changed joi validator to default to a JSON::Validator::Schema::Draft7 object
  • Deprecated validate(..., $schema)
  • Removed support for coerce(1)
  • Removed support for subclassing JSON::Validator. Need to subclass a schema class instead.
  • Simpler inheritance for Schema classes


Validate data against a JSON schema
JSON::Validator error object
Functions for validating JSON schema formats
Joi validation sugar for JSON::Validator
JSON::Validator $ref representation
Base class for JSON::Validator schemas
JSON-Schema Draft 2019-09
JSON-Schema Draft 4
JSON-Schema Draft 6
JSON-Schema Draft 7
OpenAPI version 2 / Swagger
Load and caching JSON schemas
Utility functions for JSON::Validator