Revision history for Mojolicious-Plugin-Authentication

1.37      2021-06-10 22:07:08+01:00 Europe/London

    * Fixed:
      * Updated documentation to avoid references to 'over', which has
        been deprecated in Mojolicious 9.0. The documentation uses
        'requires' instead (seeken)
      * Minor changes to the release process

1.36      2021-04-21 21:25:29 BST

    No changes from previous release

1.35      2021-03-03 21:33:37 GMT (TRIAL RELEASE)

    * Changes:
      * Moved dependency specification to cpanfile.
      * Distribution should now be installable from the repository as-is

1.34      2020-08-03 22:02:52+01:00 Europe/London (TRIAL RELEASE)

    * New:
      * Support async callbacks with "_p" appended

1.33      2018-04-22 00:05:05+01:00 Europe/London

    * Fixed:
      * Fixed some minor typos in the documentation (kberov)
      * Fixed a broken link in the project's metadata (fschlich)

1.32      2017-05-09 18:18:49+01:00 Europe/London

    * New:
      * The fail_render option now also accepts a code reference
      * Add contributor metadata for proper attribution. Names are matched
        with the ASCII names and emails on CPAN when available. If you spot a
        mistake or prefer something different, let me know!
      * POD is now tested as part of release cycle
    * Fixed:
      * Fixed an encoding error in POD

1.31      2017-05-09 00:46:25+01:00 Europe/London

    * Fixed:
      * Retroactively updated the change log...

1.30      2017-05-09 00:36:25+01:00 Europe/London

    * New:
      * The current user can be manually set by passing an argument to
        current_user (preaction)
      * Added a note in the documentation on possible namespace conflicts
    * Fixed:
      * Fixed an error that made the auto_validate key not behave as
        documented (jjatria)
      * Fixed the tests for Travis CI (preaction)
      * Fixed some typos in sample code (moltar)
    * Changes:
      * Simplified some of the conditional code in the distribution

1.29      2015-10-28 09:35:22+01:00 Europe/Berlin
    Implements new parameter to control response from routing via condition

1.28      2015-09-30 09:51:30+02:00 Europe/Paris
    Fix for bug that'd consider a defined-but-false return value from load_user/validate_user
    as a failed login/load attempt. (via carragom/github)

1.27      2015-06-16 21:28:06+07:00 Asia/Jakarta
    Merged pull requests fixing the documentation (bridge -> under)

1.26      2013-08-27 10:02:37 Asia/Jakarta
    Merged a pull request from kthakore that fixed the broken tests - thanks!
    Added 'auto_validate' option to extra data in authentication sub

1.24      2012-08-02 01:36:17 Asia/Jakarta
    Removed the example app until next release to resolve some RPM build issues, it will return in the next release

1.23      2012-07-03 13:56:38 Asia/Jakarta
    Issue #5 closed; the signed and authenticated conditions only worked if you indicated 'required' to be true, this got fixed.
    (Reported by SailingYYC)

1.22      2012-03-30 08:43:13 Asia/Jakarta
    Ed W contributed some more functionality and renamed some options and methods to make things a bit more sane.

    *NOTE*: The following options and methods have been deprecated:
        -   The 'lazy' config option is now called 'autoload_user'
        -   The 'user' helper is now called 'current_user'
        -   The 'user_exists' helper is now called 'is_user_authenticated'

    Using these options and helpers will now generate deprecation warnings; they will be removed in the next release.

1.21      2012-01-11 08:33:07 Asia/Jakarta
    Ivo Welch was kind enough to send me his first ever Mojolicious application that demonstrates the usage of this module, and I've included it in the distribution.
    Changed the date on copyright notices to 2012 - how time flies!

1.20      2011-12-15 15:00:24 Asia/Jakarta
    Added "lazy_mode" and "signature_exists" along with some doc patches (meettya)

1.19      2011-09-25 21:26:38 Asia/Jakarta
    Added an 'extra_data' hashref to the authenticate method that will be passed to your registered callback,
    and merged in some documentation fixes courtesy of metaperl.

1.18      2011-07-27 01:15:43 Asia/Jakarta
    Fixed a bug for newer versions of Mojolicious that no longer send the same set of parameters to a hook
    Added the ability to pass extra data to the validate_user callback, it came up as a need in a project so ported it over

1.16      2011-06-04 18:29:01 Asia/Jakarta
    POD fixes and cleanup

1.15      2011-05-02 02:32:12 Asia/Jakarta
    Added a README.pod file for Github to display, since the "real" README is generated by Dist::Zilla

1.14      2011-04-30 00:39:11 Asia/Jakarta
    Code cleanup (memowe)

1.13      2011-04-25 17:49:13 Asia/Jakarta
    Added extra check on load_user and validate_user configuration options to make sure they're not only there,
        but they are actually code refs

1.12      2011-04-25 16:00:21 Asia/Jakarta
    A little bit of code cleanup, no major changes