Apache::AuthExpire module for use with a mod_perl enabled web server.

Most Recent Modification:  09/06/2001

Copyright (c) 2001 Jonathan J. Horner. All rights reserved. This program is
free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. 

1.  Purpose

	As the title suggests, this PerlAuthenHandler will provide a means to set a server wide time out
system for servers that contain sensitive data.  It does this by using file modification times in a 'times' 
directory in <SERVERROOT>/conf/ to determine when an access_controlled request was made last, and if too 
much time has passed since the last request, the module will return a status code of AUTH_REQUIRED to
the browser to force a login.  It follows the rules of the AUTHENTICATION phase and standard

2.  Usage

	The usage is pretty simple:
		1.  Install module using 'perl Makefile.PL && make && make test && make install'.
		2.  Place the following lines in your <SERVERROOT>/conf/httpd.conf file, where appropriate:
			PerlAuthenHandler Apache::AuthExpire
			PerlSetVar  DefaultLimit <number of seconds for default timeout>
		3.  The following line, optional in your httpd.conf file, will turn on debugging reports to
		    your error_log (set by the httpd.conf file):
		4.  The following lines allow site maintainers to turn off timeouts for a directory or 
		    change the value.  The value of the TimeLimit directive must be less than the 
		    DefaultLimit.  These are optional in the .htaccess file:
			PerlSetVar TimeLimit <number of seconds for this directory timeout>
			PerlSetVar MODE Off
		5.  After setting these, all directories will be subject to the PerlAuthenHandler if an
		    .htaccess file is present, the AuthType must be set to 'Basic', the AuthName must be
		    defined, at least one 'require' directive defined, and MODE is not set.
		6.  Create a directory in your <SERVERROOT>/conf directory named 'times' and change 
		    ownership to the user:group running the Apache child processes.
		7.  Stop and restart the web server.

3.  Contact Information

	I can be reached by email at jjhorner@bellsouth.net or jhorner@2jnetworks.com.  
	Home page is http://www.2jnetworks.com/~jhorner/AuthExpire.html. 
	Please send any bug reports to me at the above address.

4.  TODO List

	* Add status codes to time files so that more intricate options can be added
	* Rewrite so that instead of a 401 status response being returned(which isn't handled 
	  well by all browsers), the serve will respond with a page html allowing another login.  
	  This page will have to be addressed by browsers and should work better than a '401'.
	* Work on Makefile generation so that the module goes to <SERVERROOT>/lib/perl/Apache/
	* General cleanup
	* make sure Apache::* dependencies are checked during install
	* Generate better method of creating <SERVERROOT>/conf/times directory  

5.  Credit Goes to:
	- plaid from perlmonks.org (http://www.perlmonks.org/index.pl?node=plaid) for debugging code and 
	  general help.
	- merlyn (Randal Schwartz) from perlmonks.org (http://www.perlmonks.org/index.pl?node=merlyn) for
	  general help and support.