Changes for version 5.90020

  • ! Catalyst::Action now defines 'match_captures' so it is no long considered an optional method. This might break you code if you have made custom action roles/classes where you define 'match_captures'. You must change your code to use a method modifier (such as 'around').
  • New match method "Method($HTTP_METHOD)" where $HTTP_METHOD in (GET, POST, PUT, HEAD, DELETE, OPTION) and shortcuts in controllers called "GET, POST PUT, HEAD, DELETE, OPTION"). Tests and documentation. Please note if you are currently using Catalyst::ActionRole::MatchRequestMethods there may be compatibility issues. You should remove that actionrole since the built in behavior is compatible on its own.
  • Initial debug screen now shows HTTP Method Match info
  • security fixes in the way we handle redirects
  • Make Catalyst::Engine and Catalyst::Base immutable
  • Some test and documentation improvements
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