Changes for version 5.90040

  • ! Stricter checking of attributes in Catalyst::DispatchType::Chained: 1) Only allow one of either :CaptureArgs or :Args 2) :CaptureArgs() argument must be numeric 3) :CaptureArgs() and :Args() arguments cannot be negative
  • Add Devel::InnerPackage to dependencies, fixing tests on perl 5.17.11 as it's been removed from core. RT#84787
  • New support for closing over the PSGI $writer object, useful for working with event loops.
  • lets you access a socket, if your server supports it, for manual handling of the client - server communication, such as for websockets.
  • Fix waiting for the server to start in t/author/http-server.t
  • new config flag 'abort_chain_on_error_fix' that exits immediately when a action in an action chain throws and error (fixes issues where currently the remaining actions are processed and the error is handled at chain termination).
  • Cored the Encoding plugin. Now get unicode out of the box by just setting $c->config->{encoding} = 'UTF-8'. BACKCOMPAT WARNING: If you are using the Encoding plugin on CPAN, we skip it to avoid double encoding issues, so you should remove it from your plugin list, HOWEVER the 'encoding' config setting is now undef, rather than 'UTF-8' (this was done to avoid breaking people's existing applications) so you should add the encoding setting to you global config. There's some other changes between the stand alone plugin and the cored version, if you use it be sure to see Catalyst::Upgrading for more.
  • minor documentation typo fixes and updates
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