Changes for version 5.90049_005

  • NEW FEATURE: New Controller action attribute 'Consumes', which allows you to specify the content type of the incoming request. This makes it easier to create actions that only handle certain content type POST or PUT, such as actions that only handle JSON or actions that only understand classic HTML forms.
  • NEW FEATURE: Request->body_data is now also populated from classic HTML Forms using CGI::Struct to support nested data. For non nested data you should use the classic ->body_parameters method.
  • Removed PSGI $env keys that are added on the 'plack.request.*' namespace since after discussion it was clear those keys are not part of the public API. Keys removed: 'plack.request.query', 'plack.request.body', 'plack.request.merged' and 'plack.request.http.body'. Altered some test cases to reflect this change.
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