Changes for version 5.90050 - 2013-11-05

  • Previously public predicates on the following attributes are now considered private and their method names have been changed to follow Perl convention for internal methods:
    • Catalyst::Request->has_io_fh ==> _has_io_fh
    • Catalyst::Request->has_env ==> _has_env
    • Catalyst::Response->has_write_fh ==> _has_write_fh
    • These are breaking changes but these methods were never documented and serve no use for external code. If you are using thing, you need to make the noted change (but please consider finding another way to do what you are trying to do). t0m++ for code review of Hamburg branch.

Changes for version 5.90049_006 - 2013-11-04

  • Fixed case where test could fail when Starman was partly installed (n0body++)
  • Fixed missing date information in previous release

Changes for version 5.90049_005 - 2013-10-31

  • NEW FEATURE: New Controller action attribute 'Consumes', which allows you to specify the content type of the incoming request. This makes it easier to create actions that only handle certain content type POST or PUT, such as actions that only handle JSON or actions that only understand classic HTML forms.
  • NEW FEATURE: Request->body_data is now also populated from classic HTML Forms using CGI::Struct to support nested data. For non nested data you should use the classic ->body_parameters method.
  • Removed PSGI $env keys that are added on the 'plack.request.*' namespace since after discussion it was clear those keys are not part of the public API. Keys removed: 'plack.request.query', 'plack.request.body', 'plack.request.merged' and 'plack.request.http.body'. Altered some test cases to reflect this change.

Changes for version 5.90049_004 - 2013-10-18

  • JSON Data handler looks for both JSON::MaybeXS and JSON, and uses whichever is first (prefering to find JSON::MaybeXS). This should improve compatibility as you likely already have one installed.
  • Fixed a warning in the server script (bokutin++)
  • We now populate various Plack $env keys in order to play nice with downstream middleware or plack apps (and to reduce processing if those keys already exist). Keys added:
    • plack.request.query
    • plack.request.body
    • plack.request.merged
    • plack.request.http.body
    • (NOTE: REMOVED IN 5.90049_005)
  • If incoming input (from a POST or PUT) is not buffered, create the buffer and set the correct psgi env keys to note this for downstream psgi apps / middleware. This should solve some issues where Catalyst sucks up the body input but its not buffered so downstream apps can't read it (for example FCGI does not buffer). We now also try to make sure the body content input is reset to the start of the filehandle so that we are polite to downstream middleware /apps.
  • NEW FEATURE: Catalyst::Response can now pull response from a PSGI specification response. This makes it easier to host external Plack applications under Catalyst. See Catalyst::Response->from_psgi_response
  • NEW FEATURE: New configuration option 'use_hash_multivalue_in_request' will populate $request methods 'parameters', 'body_parameters' and 'query_parameters' with an instance of Hash::MultiValue instead of a HashRef. This is used by Plack and is intended to reduce the need to write defensive logic since you are never sure if an incoming parameter is a scalar or arrayref.
  • NEW FEATURE: We now experimentally support Net::Async::HTTP::Server and IO-Async based event loops. Examples will follow.

Changes for version 5.90049_003 - 2013-09-20

  • Documented the new body_data method added in the previous release
  • Merged from master many important bugfixes and forward compatiblity updates, including:
    • Use modern preferred method for Moose metaclass access and many other small changes to how we use Moose for better forward compat (ether++)
    • Killed some evil use of $@ (ether++)
    • spelling fixes and documentation updates (ether++), (gerda++)
    • use Test::Fatal over Test::Exception (ether++)
    • Misc. test case fixes to modernize code (ether++)
    • Added a first pass cpanfile, to try and make it easier to bootstrap a development setup (ether++)

Changes for version 5.90049_002 - 2013-08-20

  • Fixed loading middleware from project directory
  • Fixed some pointless warnings when middleware class lacked VERSION
  • NEW FEATURE: Declare global 'data_handlers' for parsing HTTP POST/PUT alternative content, and created default JSON handler. Yes, now Catalyst handles JSON request content out of the box! More docs eventually but for now see the DATA HANDLERS section in (or review the test case t/data_handler.t

Changes for version 5.90049_001 - 2013-07-26

  • Declare PSGI compliant Middleware as part of your Catalyst Application via a new configuration key, "psgi_middleware".
  • Increased lowest allowed module version for Module::Pluggable to be 4.7 (up from 3.4) to solve the fact this is no longer bundled with Perl in v5.18.


Overview of changes between versions of Catalyst
How Catalyst and PSGI work together
Instructions for upgrading to the latest Catalyst
Bootstrap a Catalyst application


The Elegant MVC Web Application Framework
Catalyst Action
Chain of Catalyst Actions
Catalyst Action Container
Match on HTTP Request Content-Type
Match on HTTP Methods
Deprecated base class
Class data accessors
Catalyst Component Base Class
Moose Role for components which capture the application context.
Moose Role for components which need to close over the $ctx, without leaking
Catalyst Controller base class
DispatchType Base Class
Path Part DispatchType
Default DispatchType
Index DispatchType
Path DispatchType
The Catalyst Dispatcher
The Catalyst Engine
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The Catalyst Engine Loader
Catalyst Exception Class
Basic Catalyst Exception Role
Exception for redispatching using $ctx->detach()
Exception for redispatching using $ctx->go()
Role defining the interface for Catalyst exceptions
Catalyst Log Class
Catalyst Model base class
Unicode aware Catalyst
provides information about the current client request
handles file upload requests
stores output responding to the current client request
The Catalyst Framework Runtime
The CGI Catalyst Script
Create a new Catalyst Component
The FastCGI Catalyst Script
Catalyst test server
Test Catalyst application on the command line
Common functionality for Catalyst scripts.
The Catalyst Framework script runner
Catalyst Timing Statistics Class
Test Catalyst Applications
The Catalyst Utils
Catalyst View base class


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