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John Napiorkowski
DBIx::Class::Migration::FAQ - Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
DBIx::Class::Migration::Features - Features of DBIx::Class::Migration
DBIx::Class::Migration::Tutorial - How to use DBIx::Class::Migration
DBIx::Class::Migration::Tutorial::FirstMigration - Prepare your first Migration
DBIx::Class::Migration::Tutorial::Setup - Bootstrap your project files
DBIx::Class::Migration::Tutorial::ThirdMigration - A more advanced database change
dbic-migration - commandline tool to create and manage your migrations
Catalyst::TraitFor::Model::DBIC::Schema::FromMigration - Use your DB Sandbox to run Catalyst
DBIx::Class::Migration - Use the best tools together for sane database migrations
DBIx::Class::Migration::MySQLSandbox - Autocreate a mysql sandbox
DBIx::Class::Migration::Population - Utility to populate fixture data
DBIx::Class::Migration::PostgresqlSandbox - Autocreate a postgresql sandbox
DBIx::Class::Migration::RunScript - Control your Perl Migration Run Scripts
DBIx::Class::Migration::SchemaLoader - Schema Loader Factory
DBIx::Class::Migration::Script - Tools to manage database Migrations
DBIx::Class::Migration::ShareDirBuilder - Build a target_dir in /share
DBIx::Class::Migration::SqliteSandbox - Autocreate a Sqlite sandbox
DBIx::Class::Migration::TargetDirSandboxBuilder - Build a sandbox at target_dir
DBIx::Class::Migration::TempDirBuilder - Build a tempory target_dir
DBIx::Class::Migration::TempDirSandboxBuilder - Build a sandbox in a temporary directory
Test::DBIx::Class::FixtureCommand::Population - Use your fixtures in a test case.
Changes for version 0.011
    • Added a bit to the FAQ regarding the extra warnings to STDOUT/ERR.
    • specify more modern version of some dependencies, since I am using the more modern features.

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