Internals::GraphArenas - chart a map of where perl locates data


      use Internals::GraphArenas;
      Internals::GraphArenas::graph_arenas(); # Prints many C pointers to STDOUT

    Pipe it to chart-memory:

      $ ./ | chart-memory

    Open the output:

      $ open memory-0.png

    Charts your perl's arenas memory as described at
    <> and reproduced below

    At work, I've got a problem on the back burner which is kind of
    interesting. We've got some mod_perl processes with big data sets. The
    processes fork and then serve requests. I've heard from Operations that
    they're not using Linux's Copy-on-Write feature to the extent desired so
    I'm trying to understand just what's being shared and not shared.

    To that end, I wanted to map out where perl put its data. I made a
    picture (<>, a
    strip, showing the visible linear memory layout from 0x3042e0 at the top
    to 0x8b2990 at the bottom. The left edge shows where arenas are. The
    really clustered lines to the middle show the pointers from the arenas
    to the SV heads. The really splayed lines from the middle to the right
    show the "SvANY()" pointer from the SV heads to the SV bodies.

    I kind of now suspect that maybe the CoW unshared pages containing SV
    heads because of reference counting are maybe compact or sparse. They
    sure seem to be highly clustered so maybe it's a-ok to go get a bunch of
    values between two forked processes and not worry about reference
    counts. Sure, the SV head pages are going to be unshared but maybe those
    pages are just full of other SV heads and it's not a big deal. If SV
    heads weren't clustered then reference count changes could have affected
    lots of other pages.

    Anyway, there's a nice little set of pics at
    "/ I started truncating precision
    by powers of two to get things to visually chunk up more. So when you
    look at <>,
    there's no chunking but when you look at
    <>, the bottom 4
    bits were zeroed out." in http:

    To install this module type the following:

       perl Makefile.PL
       make test
       make install

    This module requires these other modules and libraries:


    Copyright 2009 Joshua ben Jore, all rights reserved.

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
    under the same terms as Perl itself.

    This source is in Github:

    Written by Josh ben Jore with inspiration from Spoon's

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