Revision history for Perl extension Win32::Console::ANSI

1.11 2017/10/24
  - Fixed some tests that failed on Windows 10. (RT#118585)
    Thanks to SMYLERS and Roy Ivy III for the patch.
  - Added support for bright (or high-intensity) foreground and background 
    codes (\e[90m .. \e[97m and \e[100m .. \e[107m, respectively).
    Many thanks to Roy Ivy III for the patch.

1.10 2015/09/06
  - added \e[39m and \e[49m esc sequences for resetting foreground and 
    background colors to default (RT#106872).
    Thanks to Harrie Huzen.

1.09 2015/06/16
  - changed the order of included file (RT#92382)
    Thanks to J. Mash.
  - Tests are now independent of the default settings of the user for CMD
    (RT#105257 and RT#105260) Thanks to Ralf Neubauer.

1.08 2014/01/13
  - added #define PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT to XS code, for efficiency RT#92071
    Thanks to Daniel Dragan.

1.07 2014/01/11
  - Fix a bug about background/foreground colors.
    (thanks to Gilles Maisonneuve to report this bug).

1.06 2013/09/10
  - Added two DEC private esc seq DECTCEM: hide/show cursor RT#87992
    (Code adapted from the ansicon program. Thanks to Jason Hood.)
  - Added auxiliary function CursorSize to Get/Set cursor size.
  - update doc.

1.05 2013/08/05
  - Use DWORD_PTR for pointer arithmetics RT#46139 -fixed
  - typo fix RT#86748 -fixed
  - Default Initialisation of background/foreground color RT#86089
    (thanks to Jörg Kreuzberger for the patch)

1.04 2009/03/22
  - New modification of the xs: the module can now be compiled under Windows 7
    (32 and 64 bits, with Perl 32 and 64).

1.03  2009/03/07
  - Modifications of the xs so that the module can be compiled under
    Windows x64 (with Perl 64bits). (thanks to Sisyphus)

1.02  2009/02/28
  - Tests rewritten using Win32::Pipe for IPC.
  - Adding dependencies in the Makefile (thanks to Dominique Goncalves).
  - bug with Windows Vista64 + SP1 (RT#43592 and RT#43639) -fixed
    (thanks to Sisyphus)

1.01  2008/07/07
  Just added some auxiliary functions
  - ShowConsoleWindow: changes the console window's show state (hide, max, min...),
  - MinimizeAll: minimizes all the windows on the desktop,
  - SetCloseButton: enables/disables the close button [x] of the console window,
  - SetConsoleFullScreen: sets the console in full-screen or windowed mode (WinXP/Vista)
  - SetMonitorState: sets the monitor state (on/off/standby).

1.00  2005/07/03
  The module has been rewritten in C.
  By hooking the WriteFile API function in all the modules loaded by the
  script, it is possible to interpret the escape sequences just before they
  are written in the console.
  This suppresses several previous versions limitations:
  - no tied handles (we can duplicate STDOUT or STDERR as usual and the
    module works now with IPC::Open2 and IPC::Open3)
  - the bug with the join method is fixed. We can use threads.
  - The conversion of the Windows codepage to the console codepage (ANSI to
    OEM conversion) is done by the internal Windows functions. The
    Encode module is not used anymore (the exe made with PAR are smaller).
  - The module is smaller and faster.

0.07  2005/01/02
  - it's now possible to redirect STDERR or STDOUT to a file.
    Request from Phoeares Tsai.
  - added two auxiliary functions 'Title' and 'Cursor'.
  - improved the doc (limitations)

0.06  2004/09/20
  - bug: with \e[#K, if the cursor is on the last line of the console,
         a new line is added. -fixed.
    Thanks to Eric Zmiro for reporting this bug.
  - STDIN and STDERR are tied only if there are tty

0.05  2004/02/26
  - bug: the variable $, has no effect on print! -fixed.
  - the module takes now the pragma -w and (use warnings) into account.
  - bug: print '0' print nothing! -fixed
    Thanks to Daniel Schoene to report this bug.

0.04  2003/10/09
  - bug: the printf function doesn't work as expected! -fixed.
    Thanks to Mark A. Rudolph to report this bug.

0.03  2003/07/21
  - bug: print $s; with $s undef gives two error messages.
    fixed: now the module croaks.
  - bug: print "\e[m" x 100; dies with error message:
    Deep recursion on subroutine "Win32::Console::ANSI::IO::_PrintString"
    fixed: the routine is now iterative, not recursive.
  - bug: \e(K now restore the original code page.
  - fixed some typo in doc and

0.02  2003/07/13
  - module renamed Win32::Console::ANSI for the CPAN (brian d foy)
  - this module use now the module Encode for codepages conversion.
    Thanks to Benjamin Goldberg for the suggestion.
  - added more escape sequences for compatibility with Term::ANSIScreen.
    Thanks to Autrijus Tang for the encouragements.
  - fixed a bug about format. Thanks to Josh Spohr to report it.

0.01  2002/11/01
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
		-A -X -n Win32::ANSIConsole version 0.01 beta