Revision history for Perl extension Whim

1.2023.04.06.0 2023-04-07T02:52:01Z

    - Whim now uses its own user agent string, rather than the LWP
    default. This should make it less susceptible to having its requests
    refused by CDNs and similar services.

1.2021.06.17.0 2021-06-17T17:33:52Z

    - `whim send` now prints whether or not every target got a
    webmention sent to it, when given only a source URL as input. Thanks
    to timo for the patch (which I modified a bit for personal

    - The cpanfile now specifies a requirement of Mojo v8.25 or higher,
    guaranteeing that that `curfile` function of Mojo::File exists.
    Thanks to Slaven Rezić for the bug report and suggestion.

1.2021.05.30.0 2021-05-31T02:00:17Z

    - Adding LWP::Protocol::https as a dependency. Thanks to Poorchop
    for the patch.

    - Updating documentation to point at Libera Chat instead of

1.2020.09.23.0 2020-09-23T20:31:51Z

    - The default summary template now uses emoji instead of tiny inline

    - Fixing various bugs with the "query" subcommand. Thanks to
    timotimo on Freenode for pointing out these problems.

1.2020.07.19.1 2020-07-19T15:46:13Z

    - `whim send` now keeps you appraised of its activity and progress
    when run in single-argument mode.

    - Removing the ill-considered and untested `--entry` option for
    `whim send` and replacing with with a not-untested and
    less-ill-considered `--content` one.

1.2020.07.19.0 2020-07-19T14:07:01Z

    - The one-argument form of the `whim send` command will now attempt
    to send webmentions at every valid target on the source document, no
    longer limiting itself to those found within certain microformats. A
    new command-line option allows you to instead limit it to targets
    within the first h-entry microformat.

1.2020.07.12.0 2020-07-12T17:40:10Z

    - Stored webmentions now set themselves as requiring a re-check,
    possibly for updated (or deleted) content, on receipt of an
    identical copy.

    - Adding a `/summarize_wms` endpoint, with an associated template
    and new images.

1.2020.06.22.0 2020-06-22T18:37:27Z

    - original version