Changes for version 0.42

  • ! Fixed bug when using IO::Sclalar object as a filehandle. Thanks to Kyle R. Burton and David Robins.
  • ! Fixed minor formula parser bug. Thanks Michael Braig
  • ! Fixed handling of column sizing for widths less than 1 unit (again). Thanks to Rubio (again).
  • ! Failed new() returns undef instead of croak()ing as per docs.


A Excel file to Spreadsheet::WriteExcel code converter


Write to a cross-platform Excel binary file.
An abstract base class for Excel workbooks and worksheets.
A class for creating Excel files > 7MB.
A class for defining Excel formatting.
A class for generating Excel formulas
A writer class to store BIFF data in a OLE compound storage file.
Helper functions for Spreadsheet::WriteExcel.
A writer class for Excel Workbooks.
A writer class for Excel Workbooks > 7MB.
A writer class for Excel Worksheets.