2012-07-19  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* MANIFEST: Taking out test for obsolete module. 

2012-07-17  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* lib/Algorithm/MasterMind/Consistent_Set.pm (consistent_strings):
	Adding pod docs for this module.

	* MANIFEST: Adding Consistent_Set , also missing.

2012-07-15  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* MANIFEST: Re-adding some missing files.

2012-07-14  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* MANIFEST: Adding missing files in Distro. 
	Eliminated Generational_Partitions, sometimes it gets
	stuck. Removing old test files from the folders too. 

2012-07-10  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* lib/Algorithm/MasterMind.pm: Starting 0.4.1 with a minor version
	change for A::E.

	* Makefile.PL: Changing Clone to Clone::Fast, more updated. 

2012-06-05  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* lib/Algorithm/MasterMind/EvoD.pm (issue_next): Getting rid of
	fixed-size consistent sets to use whatever stands unchanged for 5

2012-06-03  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* lib/Algorithm/MasterMind/EvoC.pm (issue_next): This is
	positively a hack. Changing the consistent set size to 5 times as
	much in the first iteration, normal afterwards. The main
	difference between these with limited set size is that the size
	decreases more slowly. 
	(issue_next): Multiplier set to 10 and result:

	real	364m17.528s
user	363m54.710s
sys	0m4.060s

2012-06-01  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* lib/Algorithm/MasterMind/Partition_Entropy_1st.pm (issue_first):
	Changed first move to that one with biggest entropy (different
	(issue_first): Going back to the first option: Knuth's. It works

2012-05-31  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* app/IEEE-CIG/conf-entropy-4-6.yaml (ID): After adding an Entropy
	algorithm, checking it with the most basic configuration. 

real	491m13.892s
user	490m34.210s
sys	0m9.330s

2012-05-26  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* lib/Algorithm/MasterMind/Secret.pm (check): Optimizing a bit
	more by eliminating sub parameter copy. 

2012-05-21  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* app/run_experiment_instances.pl: Adding monitoring of consistent
	set to make experiments on its evolution. 
	Trying again after fixing crossover bug and but in monitoring.

2012-05-16  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* lib/Algorithm/MasterMind/Secret.pm (check): This new class will
	pre-compute part of the stuff needed for secret combinations,
	speeding up (a bit) that critical part.

2012-05-15  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* lib/Algorithm/MasterMind.pm (check_combination): this is the
	worst routine for the time being, after eliminating Permutation
	and improving Tournament as bottlenecks (I was going to say
	sources of slowness :-) 

	* lib/Algorithm/MasterMind/Evo.pm (initialize): Eliminating
	default value for permutation_rate, which is incredibly slow.

2011-02-18  Juan Julian Merelo Guervos  <jjmerelo@gmail.com>

	* lib/Algorithm/MasterMind/Evolutionary_Base.pm (reset): Changed
	population-generation function; now all strings in the population
	are different. 

2010-12-13  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jmerelo@localhost.localdomain>

	* lib/Algorithm/MasterMind/Test_Solver.pm (solve_mastermind):
	Changed so that it checks that the combination played hasn't
	occurred before. All tests change

	* lib/Algorithm/MasterMind.pm (start_from): new subroutine for
	continuing from other algorithm. Test works.

2010-12-07  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jmerelo@localhost.localdomain>

	* lib/Algorithm/MasterMind/EvoRank.pm (initialize): Added
	permutation with default rate 0 to EvoRank, don't know why I
	eliminated it. 

	* lib/Algorithm/MasterMind.pm: Changed minor to 0.3.1, next
	release with the new methods.
	Added version requisite to 0.77, instead of 0, as before. There
	were a couple of "not available" test results.

	* MANIFEST: Added Evorank_End_Games to the MANIFEST, for testing
	and release. 

2010-11-27  Juan J. Merelo Guervós  <jmerelo@localhost.localdomain>

	* lib/Algorithm/MasterMind/EvoRank_End_Games.pm (issue_next):
	Reduced shrinkage when alphabets are reduced...

2010-11-18  Juan J. Merelo  <jmerelo@sheldon>

	* lib/Algorithm/MasterMind/EvoRank.pm (initialize): Taking out magic numbers 

2010-01-27    <jmerelo@localhost.localdomain>

	* MANIFEST: Changed license back to "perl". Mostly, in order to
	not have to modify all source. Added lots of new files with new
	algorithms (and rather esoteric, I admit).

2010-01-26    <jmerelo@localhost.localdomain>

	* Makefile.PL: Added license and changed min version of
	Algorithm::Evolutionary, just uploaded. Changed lots of modules
	after profiling (check_combination, again), and added more

2009-11-24  Juan Julian Merelo Guervos  <jmerelo@geneura.ugr.es>

	* lib/Algorithm/MasterMind.pm: Changed to 0.2 due to the new
	modules added.

	* lib/Algorithm/MasterMind/Evolutionary.pm: The new single
	objective evolutionary works at least as well ad the old
	EDA. Let's see if we can add partitions to it.

	* lib/Algorithm/MasterMind/Evolutionary_Base.pm (issue_first):
	Completed motion of some functions to this class. Now on to the
	evolutionary single_objective.

	* t/06_moga.t: Since this MOGA does not seem to be able to find
	the solution, I'll just do an iteration.

2009-11-23  Juan Julian Merelo Guervos  <jmerelo@geneura.ugr.es>

	* MANIFEST: Added a multiobjective evolutionary that tries to find
	the combination via finding consistent combinations.

2009-11-17    <jmerelo@localhost.localdomain>

	* lib/Algorithm/MasterMind.pm: Starting 0.1.1, which will include
	multiobjective algorithms and most of the stuff we're preparing
	for EvoStar. Starting with minor doc changes.

2009-11-17  Juan Julian Merelo Guervos  <jmerelo@geneura.ugr.es>

	* MANIFEST: Added several new algorithms, including Knuth's and
	Changed minor to 0.1, since it's quite complete now. 

2009-10-10    <jmerelo@localhost.localdomain>

	* lib/Algorithm/MasterMind.pm (check_combination): Saving around
	30% of the CPU time via optimization of this subroutine. Still
	some room for improvement, though:
[jmerelo@localhost app]$ dprofpp -u
Total Elapsed Time = 13.84292 Seconds
         User Time = 12.07292 Seconds
Exclusive Times
%Time ExclSec CumulS #Calls sec/call Csec/c  Name
 85.4   10.31 10.310 500146   0.0000 0.0000  Algorithm::MasterMind::check_combi
 9.71   1.172 12.806    367   0.0032 0.0349  Algorithm::MasterMind::Random::iss
 6.16   0.744 11.625 138572   0.0000 0.0001  Algorithm::MasterMind::matches
 5.06   0.611 10.881 499779   0.0000 0.0000  Algorithm::MasterMind::check_rule
 0.58   0.070  0.090      1   0.0699 0.0897  YAML::Type::code::BEGIN
 0.50   0.060  0.389      7   0.0085 0.0555  main::BEGIN
 0.49   0.059  0.195  40252   0.0000 0.0000  YAML::Base::__ANON__
 0.49   0.059  0.059    454   0.0001 0.0001  Params::Validate::_validate
 0.33   0.040  0.192      7   0.0057 0.0274  DateTime::Locale::BEGIN
 0.31   0.038  0.097    449   0.0001 0.0002  DateTime::Locale::_register
 0.30   0.036  0.065   5404   0.0000 0.0000  overload::AddrRef
 0.24   0.029  0.029    322   0.0001 0.0001  Params::Validate::_validate_pos
 0.22   0.026  0.026   5404   0.0000 0.0000  Scalar::Util::blessed
 0.18   0.022  0.029   2335   0.0000 0.0000  YAML::Dumper::_emit_str
 0.17   0.021  0.086   2235   0.0000 0.0000  YAML::Dumper::_emit_node

2009-10-03    <jmerelo@localhost.localdomain>

	* t/00_functions.t: Fixed typo in test

2009-10-02    <jmerelo@localhost.localdomain>

	* Makefile.PL: Added Algorithm::Combinatorics which is used to
	compute next combination in the Sequential algorithm

2009-10-02  Juan J. Merelo  <jmerelo@vega>

	* lib/Algorithm/MasterMind.pm (not_in_combination): Starting 0.0.4
	with adding info to the main module file.

	* MANIFEST: Fixing a distribution but in 0.0.2 and also adding new
	methods. Fixed bugs in Sequential, and added program to run

2009-10-01  Juan Julian Merelo Guervos  <jmerelo@geneura.ugr.es>

	* MANIFEST: Started version 0.0.3 after fixing docs form version
	one. Still waiting for fail reports.

2009-09-30    <jmerelo@localhost.localdomain>

	* lib/Algorithm/MasterMind.pm (not_in_combination): Changing all
	documentation to avoid problems, and added a few things.

	* MANIFEST: Added set of files to the MANIFEST, and preparing
	stuff for initial release 

Revision history for Algorithm-MasterMind

0.0.1  Sun Sep  6 13:54:21 2009
       Initial release.