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Revision history for Perl extension Heap.

0.01  Sun Apr 26 14:37:24 1998
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.18

0.50  (about Apr 28 1998)
	- first general release

0.60  Sun Nov 16 16:58:12 EST 2003
	- ensured that $elem->heap can be tested for undef
	  to determine whether it is actually on a heap at
	  the moment
	  - requested by Dan Bolser <>
	- fixed bug in Heap::Binary delete
	  - noted by Arun Bhalla <>
        - changes to t/test.t
          - added tests for delete
	  - made test run against all Heap variants
	  - made test configurable to get a small test case
	    for solving bugs
	- fixed bug in Heap::Binomial delete
	- Heap::Fibonacci delete worked in tests

0.70  Fri Dec  5 00:55:41 EST 2003
	- finally got around to renaming minimum and
	  extract_minimum methods to top and extract_top
	  - prompted by Steve Lembark <>
	  - old names are still supported, but depracated

0.71  Thu Jun 17 12:25:36 EDT 2004
	- fixed a memory leak in Heap::Fibonacci
	  - the DESTROY method did'nt traverse fully
	- one final reference to extract_minimum in doc for
	- both issues reported by Christian Plessl <>

0.72  Fri Jul  8 09:05:04 CET 2005 (Tels)
	- moved file to lib/ and t/ to remove clutter and simplify build
	- rewrite most test files to use Test::More
	- change test files to load this version, not currently installed one
	- added tests for the various other .pm files
	- removed unnec. require Autoloader and comments about autoloading
	- remove "perl extension" from ABSTRACTs
	- Heap::Elem gets proper heap() and val() routines, the
	  other subclasses (Heap::Elem::Num etc) now simple inherit them

0.80  Sat Apr 28 12:25:51 EDT 2007
	- accepted (finally) all of the changes submitted by Tels++
	- Heap::Elem gets proper new() method too, others all inherit it
	- made cmp, val and heap methods use @_ for speed (as suggested
	  by Tels++)