Revision history for Module-Install-DBICx-AutoDoc

0.03    10/31/2008
	Version bump for PAUSE since 0.02 some how to the blib/ dir stuck

0.02    10/31/2008
	Switched to die() rather than croak() for die with perspective of package
	Fixed bug introduced in last refactor with mk_makecmds() call to gen_dbicxautodoc() where we forgot to pass an argument along	
	Fixed bug introduced in last refactor with gen_dbicxautodoc() where we escaped our cmd line var improperly
	Fixed typo's in documentation
0.01    10/29/2008
	Bumped version for public release.
	Added warning to documentation.
0.01_02 10/14/2008
        Added README
        Fixed Copyright
        Fixed some documentation typos and or grammer
        Changed dbix_autodoc usage into something more polymorphic

0.01_01 10/11/2008
        Preview for approval, still not sure of the CPAN thing