0.00	June 1998	John M Vinopal

Initial module code replacing generic locking code from
'Programming Perl' example.

0.01 - 0.07	John M Vinopal

Named DB_Lock.  Debugging and extensions.  Testing on FreeBSD,
Linux, and Solaris.

0.08	11/28/1998	John M Vinopal

Full support for Hash and Btree methods.  Debugging code.
POD documentation added.

0.09	Mon Jun 28 15:07:34 PDT 1999	John M Vinopal

Renamed to Tie::DB_FileLock from DB_File for inclusion in CPAN.
Rolled in the DB_File 1.65 tests.  Created Makefile.PL.  Finally
wrote a README file.  Wrote -this- file.