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Tie::DB_FileLock  Rdpr  Locking access to Berkeley DB 1.x.           JMV

#		6/28/1999
# John M Vinopal
# Copyright (C) 1998-99, John M Vinopal, All Rights Reserved.
# This program is free software.  Permission is granted to copy
# and modify this program so long as this copyright notice is                  
# preserved.  This software is distributed without warranty.
# You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms
# as Perl itself.


	Module DB_File allows perl to tie hashes to on-disk dbm
	files, but fails to provide any method by which the hashes
	might be locked, providing exclusive access or preventing
	page-level collisions.  Tie::DB_FileLock extends DB_File,
	providing a locking layer using flock().

	Unlike Tie::DB_Lock, Tie::DB_FileLock does not duplicate
	files to allow concurrent access for readers and writers.
	Tie::DB_FileLock is therefore suitable for large dbms with
	relatively short locking periods.

	See the POD documentation for more information.


    * Perl 5.004 or greater.  (DB_File)


Tie::DB_FileLock is all perl, no compilation.

    perl Makefile.PL
    make test


    make install


How to report a problem with Tie::DB_FileLock.

To help me help you, I need of the following information:

 1. The version of Perl and the operating system name and version you
    are running.  The command 'perl -V' should provide everything.

 2. The version of Tie::DB_FileLock you have installed.  If you've installed
    Tie::DB_FileLock, this one-liner will tell you:

	perl -e 'use Tie::DB_FileLock; print "V: $Tie::DB_FileLock::VERSION\n"'

    Otherwise search for a line like this:


 3. The error message(s) generated or a concise description of the problem.

 4. Finally if this is a bug, a fix or a small example of the bug.


See the Changes file.

John M Vinopal <>