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Author image Joel Jacobson
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Changes - List of significant changes to DBIx::Pg::CallFunction

Changes in 0.003

  No changes, but had to change version number to upload to PAUSE,
    as you cannot upload the same file twice.

Changes in 0.002

  Changed license to MIT
  Various indentation and regex fixes
  Added description of the pg_catalog.pg_proc.proretset column
  Make sure we get the proretset value for the right function,
    the WHERE statement could possibly match other functions
    sharing the only part of the arguments, as some of the
    arguments could be OUT arguments. This is now fixed
    by comparing only the IN arguments.
    If two functions matches exactly the same IN argument
    names, an error is thrown.
    Thus, overloading of functions with the same argument
    names is not possible. Would be possible to implement,
    but that would make the interface more cumbersome,
    as you would need to specify the data types of all
    input arguments. Perhaps this could be added as an
    optional third argument to the call() function.
    I don't need this now, so I'll put it on the TODO
    until someone needs it and complains. Better to keep it
    simple for now.

Changes in 0.001

  First version.