Johan Lindström
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 0.0185

  • Fixed bad YAML in default config file which breaks YAML::Tiny 1.46. Thanks to Thomas Kappler for finding this.
    • !!!NOTE!!! If you have existing .PerlySense/project.yml files, they are broken. A scalar string with : followed by a space is illegal and now needs to be quoted.
    • In the previous default config, the regex under "bookmark:" is broken and the "rex:" should now be
      • "qr/\# \s* TODO \s* : \s* (.+?) \s*$/x"
    • Remember: you need to find *all* your .PerlySense/project.yml files and fix them: ack -fa | ack PerlySenseProject/project.yml
  • Better error output when YAML::Tiny dies
  • Updated default config to use "prove --nocolor". Because it's 2011 now.
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