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Johan Lindström
Devel::PerlySense::Cookbook - simple solutions to common issues
perly_sense - CLI for Devel::PerlySense with support for Emacs and Vim output formats.
Devel::PerlySense - Perl IDE backend with Emacs frontend
Devel::PerlySense::Bookmark::Definition - A Bookmark definition
Devel::PerlySense::Bookmark::MatchResult - A Bookmark definition and its matches
Devel::PerlySense::BookmarkConfig - A collection of Bookmark::Definition and their configuration.
Devel::PerlySense::Class - A Perl Class
Devel::PerlySense::Config::Project - A Project's configuration
Devel::PerlySense::Config::Project::Default - A Project's default configuration
Devel::PerlySense::Document - A Perl file/document
Devel::PerlySense::Document::Api - The methods (and their locations) of a package
Devel::PerlySense::Document::Location - A file name + cursor position
Devel::PerlySense::Document::Meta - Document information generated during a parse
Devel::PerlySense::Editor - Integration with editors
Devel::PerlySense::Editor::Emacs - Integration with Emacs
Devel::PerlySense::Editor::Vim - Integration with Vim
Devel::PerlySense::Home - A User Home root directory
Devel::PerlySense::Plugin::Syntax::Moose - Plugin for parsing Moose syntax constructs
Devel::PerlySense::Project - A Project root
Devel::PerlySense::Project::Unknown - A Project null object.
Devel::PerlySense::Util - Utility routines
Devel::TimeThis - Time the duration of a variable until it goes out of scope
Changes for version 0.0193
    • Catch exceptions during flymake and log them to avoid returning a positive error code that flymake will interpret as "Configuration error has occurred while running" etc.
    • Improve error reporting for badly formed YAML config files.
    • #70203: Missing close paren in emacs lisp _Finally_ fixed pathetic elisp syntax error w/ missing closing paren. Thanks to SPACEBAT and Sebastian Willert for reporting

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