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DBD::Informix::Defaults - Default values for INFORMIXDIR and INFORMIXSERVER


use DBD::Informix::Defaults;


This module was generated automatically by DBD::Informix (Informix Database Driver for Perl DBI Version 2018.1031 (2018-10-31)). It records the default values of INFORMIXDIR and INFORMIXSERVER that were in use when DBD::Informix was built. You can edit the returned values if you need to, but worry about where the Informix libraries are loaded from.


        print DEFAULTS "Because $opts{NAME} was built with a relocatable INFORMIXDIR,\n";
        print DEFAULTS "if you edit INFORMIXDIR here, you will need to worry about\n";
        print DEFAULTS "how the shared libraries are located, which is hard, in general,\n";
        print DEFAULTS "because the mechanisms vary from platform to platform.\n\n";
        print DEFAULTS "Because $opts{NAME} was built without a relocatable INFORMIXDIR,\n";
        print DEFAULTS "if you edit INFORMIXDIR here, you will need to keep the libraries\n";
        print DEFAULTS "in the original location because those path names are hard-linked.\n\n";

    print DEFAULTS qq'The recorded default values are:\n\n';
    print DEFAULTS qq'    INFORMIXDIR    = "$ENV{INFORMIXDIR}"\n';

    if ($effvernum < 600)
        print DEFAULTS "NB: although you are using $infversion,\n";
        print DEFAULTS "DBD::Informix needs this module to set a default value for INFORMIXSERVER,\n";
        print DEFAULTS "but you will not normally set it in your environment,\n";
        print DEFAULTS "despite the comments below.\n\n";
    print DEFAULTS <<'EOF';
You will seldom if ever have cause to use this module directly.
You should seldom have cause to use it indirectly either because
you will always set INFORMIXDIR and INFORMIXSERVER in the
environment before using DBD::Informix.

This module increases the chances of DBD::Informix working with Apache and mod_perl without attention modifying the Apache configuration.


Jonathan Leffler