Revision history for Perl module Net::Server::POP3

* denotes changes that are known to break backward compatibility.
- denotes changes that (theoretically) shouldn't do so.

        - Changed the default EOL to a value that I think should
          be correct on all platforms (needs testing)
        - Included the (still in-progress) gplproxy example in the
        - Improvements to the gplproxy example, including the ability
          to use MySQL as the backend (since SQLite showed signs of
          distress trying to handle several days' worth of my rather
          active mail account) and a hook function to allow some
          users' mail to not be polled.
        - Fixed some bugs in the gplproxy example.
        - Documented a bug in Net::Server::POP3 that was uncovered by
          testing with the gplproxy example.
0.0008    2004 May 25
        - That more involved proxy I wanted to write is in
          progress, but complete and not included yet.
          Hopefully in a few releases I'll be able to
          include at least a tentative version of it.
        - linetimeout may now be passed to startserver or new
          to change the line timeout.  Default is the same as
          the old value.  See the documentation.
        - Updated the POD some more, including the BUGS section.
        - Whose bright idea was it to write tests?  I find more bugs
          in the tests than in the code!  Fixed another one in
          t/003_simpletest.t, this time a test miscount.  Maybe
          I should write tests for the tests.</rimshot>
0.0007    2004 May 22
        - t/003_simpletest.t, was blowing up under taint mode on some
          systems on the chdir back to $originaldirectory   If it's
          unsafe to change back to the original current directory,
          someone explain why, otherwise I've untainted it.  Kudos to
          the CPAN testers for making me aware of this issue.
        - Added REQUIRES section to the POD.  (Does look
          at this?)
0.0006    2004 May 19
        - Included a couple of basic tests.
        - EOL can now be passed to new() or startserver() at runtime,
          so that editing is not necessary just to change
          $EOL.  (I still need to actually _fix_ this bug...)
        - DEBUG can also be passed to new() or startserver() to set
          the desired level of debug output at runtime.
        - The client's IP address is now passed to the authenticate
          callback, as documented.
        - Various improvements to the POD, for consistency and
          accuracy and clarity.  I think the bug list now has
          everything I know about.  The description now actually
          describes what the module does, in addition to warning
          that the code is not release quality.  Also, I've labelled
          the code "beta" rather than "alpha" although there are still
          sundry things unimplemented.
        - Updated the Todo list (woo).
0.0005    2004 April 05
        * The size callback is now passed the username and the message
          id, for consistency with the other callbacks.  Note that
          this change breaks backward-compatibility for the size
          callback. was updated to handle this change.
        - Included, a slightly more involved sample script
          than  Thanks to Galion Public Library for
          this better sample script.  When you get mail from it, it
          gets the mail from your ISP's mailserver on the fly, using
          Mail::POP3Client.  A more advanced proxy that does
          cacheing and preretrieval is planned for a future release.
        - Updated the POD to reflect these changes.
        - Fixed (hopefully) the link to the sample script in the POD
          (note to self:  variables don't interpolate in POD), and
          added a link to the new sample script also.
        - Removed most of what was left of the stub documentation.
        - Minor change to to generate better message IDs
          in the test messages.  (Why?  Umm, because.)
        - Added tests to check that the module loads under Taint mode.
0.0004    2004 March 08
        - Minor improvements to the documentation.  Attempted to make
          the documentation on CPAN link to the script
          (not sure how that'll turn out).
        - Started keeping track of changes (in this file you're reading).
        - Fixed minor package scope bug introduced in 0.0003.
0.0003    Feb 13 11:15    2004
        - Abstracted network line endings to a $EOL variable until I
          figure out how to make this work on all platforms and Perl
        - Fixed a fencepost error in the delete code that was not
          exercised by but was discovered and reported
          by Christian Neeb.
0.0002    Jan 25 16:50    2004
        - first version to be indexed by the indexer, so you can find
          it on (0.0001 was not indexed, because it
          did not unpack into a single directory).  Minimal changes.
          The version number inside was not incremented as
          it should have been, so may show up as 0.0001
0.0001    Jan 24 19:04    2004
        - first version uploaded to CPAN.  Very early version, totally incomplete.
0.0000    Dec 30 16:49:29 2003
	- original version; created by ExtUtils::ModuleMaker 0.32