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Changes for version 0.18

  • New maintainer, JONASBN has taken over maintenance of Workflow
  • Added maintainer information to Workflow.pm
  • Added new TODO file
  • Added a handful of tests to t/config.t and added dependency on Test::Exception
  • Somewhat applied patch from Chris Brown, the use of Perl as configuration was broken, in my attempt to implement tests prior to applying Chris Browns patch I accidently fixed the same bugs it addressed.
    • coverage of Workflow::Config::Perl has gone from 0 to 89.0 with this release
  • Added new files (for test): t/workflow.perl t/workflow_action.perl t/workflow_condition.perl t/workflow_errorprone.perl t/workflow_validator.perl
  • Added POD to Workflow::Config::Perl on parse method
  • Added CVS id keywords and author information to README
  • Added CVS id keywords and author information to .txt files in doc
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