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Changes for version 0.28

  • Removed TODO.txt, the files contents have long gone been merged into the TODO file
  • Added a new file to the doc/ directory named developing.txt This is a collection of documentation notes on maintaining and developing the Worksflow distribution
  • Renamed Action::Mailer to Workflow::Action::Mailer, this however still looks like a stub that was never finished
  • Added more POD to: Workflow Workflow::Action::InputField Workflow::Action::Mailer Workflow::Condition Workflow::Condition::HasUser Workflow::Config::XML Workflow::Factory Workflow::History Workflow::Persister Workflow::Persister::DBI Workflow::Persister::DBI::ExtraData Workflow::Persister::DBI::AutoGeneratedId Workflow::Persister::DBI::SequenceId Workflow::Persister::RandomId Workflow::Persister::File Workflow::Persister::SPOPS Workflow::State Workflow::Validator::HasRequiredField
    • We now have a POD coverage of 100%, this does however not say anything about the quality of the spelling or POD. All POD will however be revisited at some point.
    • Please remember to document changes and additions.
  • Implemented conditional tests in t/00_load.t for SPOPS and UUID. These are conditional in their own tests, so this should of course be reflected in t/00_load.t
    • This should address the failing test, ref: http://www.nntp.perl.org/group/perl.cpan.testers/2007/07/msg527994.html
  • Added missing version number to Workflow::Persister (1.09), the PAUSE indexer complained over degrading version number, investigating consequences
    • No apparent consequences
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