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Changes for version 0.32_1

  • This is an alpha release introducing typed condition, implemented by Jim Brandt, we are very interested in feedback on this release, so please consider joining the mailing list or send feedback to jonasbn@cpan.org directly.
  • Typed conditions makes it possible for different workflows to hold unique methods for workflow steps even with names coliding.
    • Example workflow foo and bar can have a condition baz, but baz are two different implementations in foo and bar respectively
      • Updated: t/cached_conditions.t t/factory.t t/state.t t/TestUtil.t t/condition.t t/workflow_type.t t/config.t t/workflow.t
        • Workflow Workflow::Factory Workflow::Config Workflow::Config::XML Workflow::Config::Perl Workflow::Action Workflow::State Workflow::Condition Workflow::Persister::DBI Workflow::History Workflow::Persister::SPOPS
      • Introduced t/state_perl.t t/TestApp/Action/TicketCreateType.pm t/TestApp/Condition/HasUserType.pm t/workflow_action_type.perl t/workflow_action_type.xml t/workflow_condition_type.perl t/workflow_condition_type.xml t/workflow_persister.perl t/workflow_persister.xml t/workflow_type.perl t/workflow_type.xml
  • This release also holds new tests of persister configs, there is however always room for more
  • time_zone parameter can now be passer around for use by the Workflow DateTime objects internally
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