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Changes for version 0.32_2

  • This is yet another developer release introducing a more fine grained control of the auto commit feature, implemented by Jim Brandt, we are very interested in feedback on this release, so please consider joining the mailing list or send feedback to jonasbn@cpan.org directly.
  • The auto_commit feature is however still defaulting to enabled to respect backwards compatibility and the control is experimental, hence the developer release
    • The example application in eg/ seemed to have some issues, these have been addressed also
      • Updated: eg/ticket/App/Condition/IsWorker.pm eg/ticket/ticket.pl lib/Workflow.pm lib/Workflow/Persister/DBI.pm lib/Workflow/Factory.pm lib/Workflow/Persister.pm
      • Added: t/persister_dbi_sqlite.t t/TestDBUtil.pm
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