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Changes for version 1.33

  • Patch from Ivan Paponov, bug in relation to action groups and use of default. Bumping up version of Workflow::Factory to 1.19 and Workflow::State to 1.15
  • Patches from Alejandro Imass
    • Changed @FIELDS to @PROPS in Action.pm and InputField.pm for mk_accesors as FIELDS was very confusing with regard to action input fields.
    • Formalized Workflow::Action::new() as a public method with corresponding pod example.
    • Optional class property for Workflow::Action::InputField. Previously, public method new() made little sense if InputField always instantiates from Workflow::Action::InputField. Now fields can derive from custom class.
    • Updated pod to reflect the new formal abillity to add extra properties for actions and input fields.
    • With the ability to derive custom properties for classes and fields there is little need IMHO to define InputField "type" any further, but leave it implementation dependent. The rationale is that validators intrinsically define this. Updating pod accordingly.
  • Patches from Thomas Erskine
    • Added 3 new accessors to Workflow::Factory:
      • get_persister_for_workflow_type
      • get_persisters
      • get_validators
    • Added check for existing context so context is not overwritten if existing, fixing a bug. Version bumped up to 1.19
    • Fixing bug in Workflow::Persister::File, adding context parameters to serialization. Version bumped up to 1.11
    • Added return of empty list for accessor, in Workflow::Action .Version bumped up to 1.10
  • Patches from Danny Sadinoff to following classes
    • Workflow::Config, bumped up to version 1.13 Workflow::Persister, bumped up to version 1.10 Workflow::Factory, bumped up to version 1.19
    • Adding ability to control initial state name via workflow config
    • Adding ability to control initial history record details via Persister
    • subclass code
  • Addressing a bug reported by Sergei Vyshenski, related to a possible API breakage. Please refer to t/add_config_bug.t, which demonstrates the presence of the bug in 1.32 and it's absence in 0.31 .Workflow::Factory bumped up to version: 1.19
  • Applied patch from Andrew O'Brien implementing dynamic loading of config files RT #18265 http://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=18265. Bumped up version for Workflow::Factory to 1.19
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