Changes for version v3.2.2 - 2021-07-04

  • Bug Fixes
    • fix ignore atomic discoveries in areas already detected stepwise as a license, grant, or exception
    • fix include leading licensed_under when tracking detected positions
    • fix resolve shortname not reusable in grant (e.g. SPDX using unversioned SISSL for SISSL-1.1)
  • Documentation
    • fix describe option --shortname-scheme (not bogus option --shortname-schemes) in changelog entry for release v3.2
    • fix trace output to include string for stepwise or_later grant trait
    • mention in POD when each option was introduced
  • Test Suite
    • add README to source, documenting origin of Fedora tests
    • add test for not yet recognized PS-or-PDF-font exception
    • tighten test requirement on Regexp::Pattern::License
    • update tests to cover Regexp::Pattern::License v3.6.0
  • Packaging
    • relax runtime requirement on Regexp::Pattern::License
    • tighten .gitignore file
  • Other
    • tighten internal trait objects to require file attribute


simple license checker for source files


functions for a simple license checker for source files