Changes for version v3.5.0 - 2021-06-22

  • Bug Fixes
    • always favor single-version metadata when joined in versioned objects (not randomly flip priority)
    • capitalize name of exception except_openssl
    • fix language strings to use ll_CC in DefHash and ll-cc in GNU URLs
    • include all member patterns in series objects (not a random subset); closes: bug#989912, thanks to Walter Lozano
    • version_later version_only: cover lack of leading punctuation or space
    • version_later_postfix: cover lack of leading space
  • Documentation
    • update TODOs
  • Test Suite
    • relax deep inspection of generated regex
  • Other
    • Added: add license bsd_0_clause
    • Added: add license cvw
    • Added: add license intel
    • Added: add license jabberpl
    • Added: add license motosoto; add description and extend patterns for licenses bittorrent_1 bittorrent_1_1
    • Added: add licenses cal cal_1
    • Added: add licenses mulan mulan_1 mulan_2
    • Added: add licenses oldap oldap_1_1 oldap_1_2 oldap_1_3 oldap_1_4 oldap_2 oldap_2_0_1 oldap_2_1 oldap_2_2 oldap_2_2_1 oldap_2_2_2 oldap_2_3 oldap_2_4 oldap_2_5 oldap_2_6 oldap_2_7 oldap_2_8
    • Added: add licenses sissl sissl_1_1 sissl_1_2
    • Added: add name and caption for perl (as listed in POD of CPAN::Meta::Spec)
    • Added: add trait object generated
    • Added: add trait objects addr_fsf addr_fsf_franklin addr_fsf_franklin_steet addr_fsf_mass addr_fsf_temple
    • Added: add trait objects except_autoconf_data except_autoconf_2 except_autoconf_2_archive except_autoconf_2_autotroll except_autoconf_2_g10 except_autoconf_3 except_bison_1_24 except_bison_2_2 except_faust except_openssl except_openssl-lgpl except_openssl_s3 except_prefix_agpl except_prefix_generic except_prefix_gpl except_prefix_gpl_clisp except_prefix_lgpl except_proguard except_qt_gpl_1 except_qt_gpl_eclipse except_qt_gpl_openssl except_qt_kernel except_qt_lgpl_1_1 except_qt_nosource except_sdc except_sollya_4_1 except_warzone except_xerces
    • annotate more consistently as [word] [ word]
    • apache apache_1_1 apache_2: add caption for 'Apache Public License' and 'Apache Software License'
    • bittorrent_1: fix list alternate SPDX caption (not bogusly as iri)
    • bsd_3_clause: add names 'EPL' 'EPL-1.0', and captions 'new BSD License' 'Eclipse Distribution License'
    • license gpl_2: cover 'is covered by he GNU' (original revision with typo)
    • licensed_under: cover 'subject to'
    • reorder patterns: traits before licenses
    • synthesized grants: cover 'the $license version 2 (the $shortname License)'


Regular expressions for legal licenses
Regular expressions for licensing sub-parts