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Changes for version v3.6.0 - 2021-07-04

  • Bug Fixes
    • fix set trove metadata for gfdl mpl_1 mpl_1_1 mpl_2
  • Documentation
    • add sections SYNOPSIS and EXAMPLES
    • document origin of bsd_0_clause
    • use _simpified_ chinese language code for mulan chinese strings
  • Test Suite
    • add coverage for license ipl_1
    • use Test2::V0 (not Test::Exception or Test::Requires)
  • Packaging
    • stop declare dependency on strictures (unneeded since v3.0.31)
  • Other
    • Added: add exception trait wxwindows
    • Added: add family cc
    • Added: add license ipa
    • Added: add license xnet
    • Added: add licenses bsd_1_clause bsd_2_clause_freebsd bsd_2_clause_netbsd bsd_2_clause_patent
    • Added: add licenses bsd_3_clause_attribution bsd_3_clause_clear bsd_3_clause_lbnl bsd_3_clause_no_military_license bsd_3_clause_no_nuclear_license bsd_3_clause_no_nuclear_license_2014 bsd_3_clause_no_nuclear_warranty naumen; improve patterns for zpl_2 zpl_2_1
    • Added: add licenses efl efl_1 efl_2 entessa frameworx frameworx_1 lpl lpl_1 lpl_1_02 ncsa nokia opl opl_1 oset_pl oset_pl_2_1 php php_3 php_3_01 simpl simpl_2 simple_w3c simple_w3c_1_1 upl upl_1 vsl vsl_1 x11; update metadata for mpl_1 openssl
    • Added: add licenses eudatagrid fair
    • Added: add licenses hpnd hpnd_sell mit_open_group, and combo net_snmp
    • Added: add licenses liliq_p liliq_p_1_1 liliq_r liliq_r_1_1 liliq_r_plus liliq_r_plus_1_1
    • Added: add licenses miros mit_0
    • Added: add licenses multics nasa nasa_1_3
    • Added: add licenses nposl nposl_3 ucl ucl_1; tighten patterns for licenses afl_3 osl_3
    • Added: add licenses ogc ogc_1 w3c w3c_19980519 w3c_19980720 w3c_20021231 w3c_20150513
    • Added: add licenses sleepycat tosl
    • Added: add licenses unicode_dfs_2015 unicode_dfs_2016
    • Added: add trait except_ecos_2, and licenses ecos_1_1 ecos_2
    • add names and captions for OSI
    • annotate "as-is" as [as is]
    • improve annotations, and tighten to only use Latin-1 characters (now only mulan* patterns contain non-Latin-1 characters)
    • improve metadata for ipl ipl_1
    • optimize DefHash creation slightly
    • stop use List::Util


Regular expressions for legal licenses
Regular expressions for licensing sub-parts