AsciiDB::Tag - Tie class for a simple ASCII database
                                                   Jose A. Rodriguez Garrido

 Usually when you have to store persistent data you don't need a full-blown
 database server, just a ASCII database would do the trick.

 AsciiDB::Tag allows you to access a simple ASCII database using a
 perl hash variable. The database format is straightforward so you can edit
 it by hand if you need so. Each record is stored into a file, and a
 record is just a set of values tagged by the field name:

	[Name]: Jose A. Rodriguez
	[Address]: Granollers, Barcelona, SPAIN

 The tie class provides a convenient way to read and update this kind
 of ASCII databases.

 For comments, bugs or just to say you use or hate this class feel free
 to send me an e-mail.

 As usual:

	perl Makefile.PL
	make test
	make install