Revision history for Perl extension Time::TAI64.

2.11  Fri Apr 28 2006
    - Fixed a small bug in tai64nlocal where the character
	  that separates seconds and the fractional seconds
	  was omitted. Thanks, to Colin Robinson for the spot. 

2.10  Tue Jan 07 2006
    - Applied optimizations suggested by Ricardo Signes
	  reducing overhead using substring compares instead 
	  of regex matches.
	- Modified Tests to use Test::More

2.07  Tue Jun 14 2005
    - Removed use 5.008; from Makefile.PL this should really
	  make it work with 'older' versions of PERL.

2.06  Wed May 25 2005
    - Removed 'tai64nsyslog' from @EXPORT. The function
      does not exist.

2.05  Mon Apr 11 2005
	- Removed 'require 5.008' This should work with older
	  versions of perl.
	- Reworked EXPORT_TAGS to also include 'generic' functions
	  with each set: TAI64, TA64N, or TAI64NA.
	- Cleaned up Documentation and indicated that functions
	  must be 'properly' imported using any of the given tags.
2.04  Thu Dec 02 2004
	- Updated tests... below.

2.03  Mon Nov 29
	- Change: tai64nlocal: used "%Y-%m-%d" instead of "%F"
	  more portable, namely solaris strftime function does
	  not support %F.

2.02  Thu Nov 24
	- Uploaded this version to CPAN replacing v1.80
	  which uses libtai calls with this one using only PERL.
	- cleaned up POD.
	- updated Changes and README to reflect Module History.
	- "first" public release.

2.01  Fri Nov 19
	- created additional tests.
	- not released.

2.00  Mon Nov 15 16:19:51 2004
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-b 5.8.0 -AX Time::TAI64
	- not released.

# vim: ts=4