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1.04	Fri Aug  2 23:16:50 UTC 2002
	Fixed import semantics
	(reported by theorbtwo)

	Added support for JavaScript1.2 literal arrays,
	to fix edge condition resulting from unfortunate JavaScript design ;-)
	See the documentation

1.03	Sat Jul 27 08:25:54 UTC 2002
	Fixed tests, they were missing the numbers for 2-5

	Reworked an algorythm for picking which object to use as
	a template when attributes is not specified. This is slightly
	more expensive, but required for compatability
	(reported by Jost Krieger, CPANPLUS)

1.02	Sat Jul 27 01:39:21 UTC 2002
	Ugh, it was old crufty code.
        It's now had a liberal application of Naval jelly and Bondo

	Documentation fix, changed all references of jsdump to jsodump

	Documentation fix, wrote examples that actually work

	Documentation fix, removed CAVEATS


	Robustified test suite

1.01	25-Sep-2000 
	Added attributes, to explicitly specify what data is dumped

1.00	06-Aug-2000
	Initial release