Revision history for Perl extension XML::RSSLite.

0.17	2022-02-08
	Fix parseRSS(..., ..., 1) introduced in 0.16

0.16	2022-02-07

	Corrected typo in SYNOPSIS; data structure key is 'items', not 'item'

	Made character cleaning optional

0.15	Sat Sep  5 23:25:51 EDT 2009
	Strip bracketing whitespace from links

	Support SSL links

	Fix(?) relative URI munging, broken since at least 0.06

	Fixed HTML anchor in item link munging, broken since at least 0.06

	Fixed title URI to link if latter is missing, broken since at least 0.06

0.11	Mon Feb 24 06:25:54 UTC 2003
	Vast speed and memory requirement improvements for deep structures.

	Fixed bug where attributes of a tag with no content were dropped.

	Fixed buglet where "empty" (all whitespace) content was added to tree.

0.10	Sun Feb 23 02:26:04 UTC 2003
	Rewrote the parser, subsequently squashing bugs, and future-proofing.

	It is very similar and should require only minor changes,
	but it is not a drop-in upgrade. See the README.

	Fixed a bug resulting from a lack of DWIM;
	'+', '-', and '9' were being stripped from the RSS feed

0.08	Wed May  1 02:51:51 UTC 2002

	Improved efficiency of parseXML, also allow [ and ]

	Removed Data::Dumper.

0.07	Thu Mar 21 16:38:04 UTC 2002

	If we don't have a title, use the link.

0.06	Thu Oct 19 19:05 2000

	Initial offering.