It is very similar and should require only minor changes,
	but it is not a drop-in upgrade.

          parseXML is now parseRSS

Okay, apparently a few people actually use this, so I should probably release
a new version. I've actually had this done for almost a year now but I wanted
to write a real test suite for it, maybe next time. Instead, all I can say is
I've been *using* it for the last year without a problem. Please provide me
with a copy of any document wish it chokes on when making a bug report.


XML::RSSLite is a meant as a relaxed parser+,* and lightweight+,++
replacement for XML::RSS. In fact, it contains a generic lightweight
XML pseudo-parser** that can be used for other content.

For RSS/RDF/weblog/Scripting News content parseRSS does the following:

    o Remove html tags to leave plain text

    o Remove characters other than 0-9~!@#$%^&*()-+=a-zA-Z[];',.:"<>?\s

    o Use <url> tags when <link> is empty

    o Use misplaced urls in <title> when <link> is empty

    o Exract links from <a href=...> if required   

    o Limit links to ftp and http

    o Join relative urls to the site base

If you can make a convincing argument against any of these behaviors they
may be relaxed. Otherwise, you might use parseXML.

+     Under certain circumstances; not valid during leap years, full
      moons, high tides, vernal equinoxes, or Wednesdays. YMMV.

*     We hope, the new parser may be too strict, please provide samples
      of content which you believe should parse but does not.

++    The new found "correctness" comes at a performance cost, it is
      slower than prior versions, but still faster than XML::RSS.

**    Not fully compliant with the W3C specifications.