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** 11-04-98 RELEASE 1.05

- Tweaks for MIN_PERL_DEFINE.

- Renamed -> tvseek.h to avoid confusing dumb compilers.

- Switched to use 'cp -f'.

** 07-11-98 RELEASE 1.04

- Tweaks to improve diagnostics.

- Fixed minor hiccups noticed by cpan-testers.

- now checks modification times of tvcommon.[ch].

** 07-07-98 RELEASE 1.03

- Changed allocation macros to include the return value in deference
to the C++ new operator.

- Tweaks to make TV_TEST work for more -Dmacro configurations.

- There are still REFCNT problems in the test suite.  Just ignore the
warnings.  They are harmless.

** 03-04-98 RELEASE 1.02

- Fixed an obscure bug in the insertion algorithm.  Tightened
assertion constraints.

** 02-21-98 RELEASE 1.01

- Hide tv_testmalloc unless TV_TEST is defined.

- Migrated test scripts to the latest version of

** 02-08-98 RELEASE 1.00

- Clarified documentation.  Bumped version number.

** 02-03-98 RELEASE 0.09

- Fixed a serious bug in seek (when unique=1).  Expanded regression

- Minor tweaks.

** 01-23-98 RELEASE 0.07

- Factored out code that isn't sensitive to key/data layout.
Unfortunately, this change necessitated tweaking the memory layout.

- tc_insert has much better overall performance.  tc_seek now does a
full binary search.  tc_delete is re-implemented with rotations.
Asymptotic performance is now respectable.

- tv_compress, tv_balance added.

- memmove & memcpy of slots used throughout (instead of assignment).
Added more hooks for C++.  Fixed cpp (re)directives.


- Purified.

- Compiles with C++.

- Attempted to optimize the fill ratio.  tc_insert version 0.01 only
used about 35% of the available slots!  After adding a bunch of
kludges, I got it up to 65%.  Hm.  Need to re-think this.

- Tightened constraints for cursor boundry conditions.