Revision history for Perl extension Business::OnlinePayment::AuthorizeNet.

3.24  Tue Jun  7 20:41:32 CDT 2016
        - updated to use new Akamai SureRoute urls

3.23  Sun Dec 20 13:05:34 PST 2015
        - Don't require libense_num / license_state / license_dob for E-Check
          transacitons; not a universal requirement.  Patches from Craig
          Pearlman and Adi Fairbank, thanks! (closes: CPAN#110352)
        - Documentation: fix spelling errors, thanks to Xavier Guimard
        - Documentation: remove redundant/out-of-date AUTHORS section in
        - Documentation: add country and email fields to example
          (closes: CPAN#80337)
        - Documentation: update repo info

3.22  Mon Sep 26 15:06:52 PDT 2011
        - Add missing t/lib/Business/FraudDetect/ to MANIFEST to fix
          tests.  Patch from Rob Brown, thanks!  (closes: CPAN#52444)
        - Incorporate Business::OnlinePayment::AuthorizeNet::AIM::ErrorCodes by
          Thomas Sibley and, using it, provide more descriptive error messages.
          (closes: CPAN#34362)
        - Switch to Business::OnlinePayment::HTTPS instead of using Net::SSLeay
        - Silence new warnings about lc(undef) introduced in perl 5.12.  Patch
          from Todd Rinaldo, thanks!  (closes: CPAN#56172)

3.21  Tue Nov 24 10:45:21 PST 2009
        - Add repository, contributing and contirbutor information to the docs.
        - Patch from Nate Nuss <ogmoid[...]> implementing ("Additional
          Shipping Information (Level 2 Data)" ~pg 24 in the AIM guide):
          tax, freight, duty, tax_exempt, po_number.  Thanks!
          (closes: CPAN#42046)
        - Patch from Michael Peters to fix a bug in email address handling:
          exclude x_Email_Customer flag when it is not specified in content,
          to avoid overriding admin settings.  (closes: CPAN#51501)
        - Patch from Josh Rosenbaum to fix encapsulation problems.  Thanks!
          (closes: CPAN#15210)
        - Clarified documentation wrt transaction key (closes: CPAN#23753)
        - ARB (recurring billing) fixes from John Springer, thanks!
          (closes: CPAN#48625)
        - Add META.yml

3.20  Wed Jun 18 16:46:10 PDT 2008
        - Patch from Erik Hollensbe <> implementing
          card-present data (track1/track2) and the duplicate_window parameter,
          and test fixes.  Thanks!
        - Patch from Paul Timmins <> adding check_number field.

3.19  Fri Nov 23 12:46:05 PST 2007
        - ironically, forgot the 3.18 changelog, so this is 3.19 anyway :)

3.18  Fri Nov 23 10:55:44 PST 2007
        - Patch From Steve Simitzis for better compatiblity with
          eProcessingNetwork's AuthorizeNet compatability mode.
        - added ARB support, rearranging code in the process (Jeff Finucane)

3.17  Tue Jul 10 21:12:46 PDT 2007
        - Trim the extra 'ip_addr=""' added by eProcessingNetwork's
          AuthorizeNet compatability mode.
        - add bank account type handling

3.16  Tue Nov 14 02:35:30 PST 2006
	- Update link to API docs, now it is called "Advanced Integration
	  Method (AIM)"
	- Update test account, separate ACH-capable one
	- patch to map ship_company properly to x_Ship_To_Company from Mike
	  Barry <>
	- Documentation patch from William McKee <>
	From Michael G. Schwern <>:
	- Eliminate inheriting from AutoLoader. We're not using it and it just
          screws up the error messages.
        - account_type mentioned twice in the required fields for checks.
        - Quiet an uninit value warning when customer_org is not set.
	- Fix t/credit_card.t test to use a date 11 months in the future as
	  the expiration date, and to print the error message on failure.
	- Update tests to use Test::More

3.15  Wed Mar 16 01:10:51 PST 2005
	- Ask for ',' delimiter and '"' quote explicitly to prevent problems
	  when a merchant has them configured differently.
	- expiration is not a required field for credits

3.14  Tue Sep 21 01:10:46 PDT 2004
	- Added ship_ name/address fields
	- Fixed required fields for echeck voiding
	From T.J. Mather <> (closes: cpan#6761):
	- Added cvv2_response and cavv_response to get the cvv2 and cavv
	  response codes back from
	- Added example of how to capture a transaction to the synopsis.
	- Added example of how to get the avs_code, cvv2_response, and
	  cavv_response from the response

3.13  Sun Aug 10 21:56:34 PDT 2003
	- removed Michael Mavroudis's email address
	- added 'void' action, patch from Yuri V. Mkrtumyan
	- allow "Post Authorize" with order_number but no card info, patch
	  from Paul Zimmer <>
	- Don't require "check_type" field
	- s/x_Bank_Account_Name/x_Bank_Acct_Name/ for ACH transactions
	From Daemon Hughes <>:
	- add "transaction key" (x_Tran_Key) authentication in addition to
	- add "recurring_billing" field
	- added "md5" method
	From valerian <>:
	- Added "avs_code" method
	- Return "order_number" for unsucessful transactions also

3.12  Thu Nov 21 17:05:19 2002
	- Added cvv2 field, patch from T.J. Mather <>
	  (closes: cpan#1805)
	- Added referer field, patch from Mike Barry <>
	- Added currency field, request from
	  Oleksandr Kapitanenko <>
	- Added documentation about referrer field at Authorize.Net
	- Added nonascii.patch from "T.J. Mather" <> to
	  put Text::CSV in binary mode to prevent problems with i18n
	  characters (closes: cpan#1804)
	- ECHECK (ACH) patch from Michael Mavroudis <email removed by
	  request> to add fields for ssn and license #

3.11  Sat May  4 00:43:36 PDT 2002
	- forgot 3.10 changelog in 3.10 :)
	- extremely verbose debugging information for responses without
	  response code
	- PREREQ_PM on Business::OnlinePayment
	- Escape 0x00 (NULL) in responses from Authorize.Net.  wtf?

3.10  Wed Mar 13 2002
	- updated for Authorize.Net API 3.1
	- enable t/credit_card.t test again; testing account seems to work
	- working Post Authorization support
	- s/CSV/CSV_XS/

3.01  Wed Nov 14 13:42:06 2001
	- update README
	- disable t/credit_card.t test; testdrive account no longer valid

3.00  Sat Sep  1 13:29:34 2001
	- new maintainer, updated for Authorize.Net API 3.0

0.01  Sun Jul 25 16:37:11 1999
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.19