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Jérôme Quelin
magpie - Mageia Perl Integration Easy
App::Magpie - Mageia Perl Integration Easy
App::Magpie::Action::BSWait - bswait command implementation
App::Magpie::Action::Checkout - checkout command implementation
App::Magpie::Action::DWIM - dwim command implementation
App::Magpie::Action::FixSpec - fixspec command implementation
App::Magpie::Action::Old - old command implementation
App::Magpie::Action::Old::Module - module that has a newer version available
App::Magpie::Action::Old::Set - a set of AM::Old::Modules objects
App::Magpie::Action::Update - update command implementation
App::Magpie::Action::WebStatic - webstatic command implementation
App::Magpie::App - magpie's App::Cmd
App::Magpie::App::Command - base class for sub-commands
App::Magpie::App::Command::bswait - pause according to build-system recommendations
App::Magpie::App::Command::checkout - check-out or update a given package
App::Magpie::App::Command::config - update a spec file to match some policies
App::Magpie::App::Command::dwim - automagically update Mageia packages
App::Magpie::App::Command::fixspec - update a spec file to match some policies
App::Magpie::App::Command::old - report installed perl modules with new version available
App::Magpie::App::Command::update - update a perl module to its latest version
App::Magpie::App::Command::webstatic - create a static web site
App::Magpie::Config - magpie configuration storage & retrieval
App::Magpie::Constants - Various constants
App::Magpie::Logger - magpie logging facility
App::Magpie::Role::Logging - sthg that can log
App::Magpie::Role::RunningCommand - sthg that can run an external command
App::Magpie::URPM - magpie interface to urpm
Changes for version 1.120960
    • webstatic: fix distro name
    • webstatic: show nb of perl packages shipped
    • webstatic: store nb of mods/dists on cpan (not yet displayed)

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