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Jérôme Quelin
prisk - classical Risk game written in perl
Games::Risk - classical 'risk' board game
Games::Risk::AI - base class for all ais
Games::Risk::AI::Blitzkrieg - easy ai that does blitzkrieg attacks
Games::Risk::AI::Dumb - dumb ai that does nothing
Games::Risk::AI::Hegemon - ai that tries to conquer the world
Games::Risk::Card - map card
Games::Risk::Continent - continent object
Games::Risk::Controller - controller poe session for risk
Games::Risk::Country - map country
Games::Risk::GUI - gui multiplexer poe session
Games::Risk::GUI::Board - board gui component
Games::Risk::GUI::GameOver - window used when game is over
Games::Risk::GUI::MoveArmies - window to move armies
Games::Risk::GUI::Startup - startup window
Games::Risk::I18N - game internationalization
Games::Risk::Map - map being played
Games::Risk::Player - risk player
Games::Risk::Resources - utility module to load bundled resources
Games::Risk::Tk::About - prisk about information
Games::Risk::Tk::Cards - cards listing
Games::Risk::Tk::Continents - continents information
Games::Risk::Tk::Help - prisk manual window
Changes for version 3.101511
    • do not ship useless misc/ directory

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