Changes for version 1.06

  • Features:
  • New 'ssl_opts' attribute for Server and Client to give more control over the SSL connection.
  • Bugfixes:
  • Some tests failed due to stronger hostname verifcation in IO::Socket:SSL >= 2.017. Fixed that by adding proper certificates with cn 'localhost' and a test which verifies the failing connection with wrong hostname. Thanks to ppisar[...] This fixes rt #106874.


Event based transparent Client/Server RPC framework
Client API to connect to Event::RPC Servers
Represents a RPC connection
Represents a logging connection
Logging facility for Event::RPC
Mainloop Abstraction layer for Event::RPC
AnyEvent mainloop for Event::RPC
Event mainloop for Event::RPC
Glib mainloop for Event::RPC
Implementation of Event::RPC network protocol
Simple API for event driven RPC servers


in lib/Event/RPC/